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Dear Friends, Ladies & Gentlemen,
I have accepted the responsibility as Global President of the world’s largest networking organisation , WMC, recently in a spirit of exuberance and expectations !
However, the trauma prevails all over the world in the form of Covid – 19 is turning out to be most dangerous in it’s second volcanic wave , swallowing thousands of human lives every day from several lakhs of affected citizens , now particularly in India . It’s disheartening to see the horrible scenes as helpless spectators , as the cause &cure of the pandemic is proving beyond anyone’s control or imagination!

Nevertheless , we must be optimistic in any kind of negative situations based on the fact that nothing is permanent on earth, like comforts or hardships , worries and happiness.
As the team leadership assigned to me this time , I feel it as a good opportunity for me and our colleagues to do something better than what it was for the cause of human benefits through social engineering and collective efforts. We must search under unturned pages of concepts to find out solutions and ways to reach out to new goals!

These passing days of pandemic continue to give us many lessons of corrections in our process from self centred thoughts , to a broader paradigm shift of inclusiveness and willingness to share . There is nothing impossible in the world, if we could pool in those energies and resources for some good objectives, which we have to accomplish in planned way of conceiving and conquering, gradually but steadily.

Let’s work smartly with focusing visions accepting the fact that there is way, if there is a will ..

God bless to calm down the present pandemic horrors, which he can only change !
Love you all..

TP Vijayan
WMC Global President 2021-23