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Dear Brethrens,

Greetings and Best Wishes!

It is my pleasure to be part of the consortium which has been initiated to network among the people of Kerala from around the world for a purpose that has a vision to achieve. I sincerely thank for bestowing the confidence to be the Global President of World Malayalee Council.


As a common man of a progressive nation, we all have united and have an agenda to make ourselves felt. Being an individual or rather a member of World Malayalee Council we need to self analyze ourselves, firstly about our contribution to the society and then to our Malayalee population whom we are representing. Have we really done a worthwhile thing that can gain an extra mile to the society we live-in. This extra effort can contribute in the most systematic way and that is the reason of forming this organization which shall also set an example among our family members, relatives and friends. Personally I wish to look forward to contribute to the society with WMC which should continue for years together.

Dr.Anoop A.V.  ( Chennai)
Global President.

Today we have seen the progress of many successful people who had a very tough time to raise themselves to reach that status. On a personal note, they take the pride of success for their talent and effort but at the same time they always look forward for the contributions made by so many people in their lives to bridge their efforts. When they look to give back they realize that there were so many people involved at various stages and weighing the thanks giving becomes a real big confusion and concern. If our organization can identify these talents and then harness to their progress stage by stage it will be the organization that plays the pivotal role. The real winning situation for our organization will then be if this successful individual can channel their contribution through WMC by continuous interactions so that they will continue our effort which then becomes a chain reaction in many generations to come.


For centuries sports in any form are very close to every person as it unites the nation to chant for the glory. We can see the emotions of every Indian when an Indian is taking apart in a sport. We the people of Kerala are blessed with talent to perform in sports and children of Kerala have shown exceptional performance in various sports with the limited resource available. Successful sports person becomes the voice of the nation as ambassadors but if the root cause of their success is an effort of WMC, you can then imagine the self pride we all can cherish. There is a long way to progress which requires infrastructure and guidance. I am working towards developing a project involving the veterans in sports who also want to contribute to the goal of achieving an Olympic Gold for India from Kerala. I wish each one of you will join this initiative to make this a dream project of WMC.


Eventually as a member of WMC our motto should only be service for which we need to keep aside all our personal agenda out from our WMC. Let us kick start and involve ourselves with meaningful projects that contributes for a successful nation.

With Warm Regards,

Global President,
World Malayalee Council.