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World Malayalee Council, the most authentic representative body of Malayalees on this planet, has held it’s 10th Biennial Global Conference on August 26-28 in Bangalore. This event was a milestone after the organisation’s historic unification on December 1, 2015 at Mascot Hotel Trivandrum.

The landmark unity day was celebrated by members of the erstwhile streams in the presence of the then Kerala Chief Minister Shri Oommen Chandy and an impressive line of ministers including Ramesh Chennithala and KC Joseph, and mentors of WMC comprising former Governor MM Jacob, CPM leader MA Baby, Dr Babu Paul IAS, Ambassador TP Sreenivasan, Dr J Alexander IAS and Christy Fernadez IAS.

Looking back, we can feel justifiably proud for so many such achievements, which I am not attempting to chronicle here. In sum, past few years have been eventful as were able to galvanise our provinces to take up various humanitarian missions and initiatives. And now, it is exciting times for us as it is for the whole India.

At long last, there is hope and optimism for a nation of 1.3 billion people aspiring for a change for a better, stronger and more vibrant India.

With doubly redoubled vigour, the reunited WMC is now emerging not only as a global networking platform for the Diaspora but also as think-tank of the Malayalee community. Founded in 1995 by visionary Malayalee Diaspora leaders under the stewardship of eminent personalities including T. N. Sheshan, K.P.P. Nambiar, Babu Paul, WMC has emerged as a force to reckon with in its role as a think-tank, providing thought leadership for our community. We also play a critical role in engaging the Diaspora and the government authorities in tackling issues of concern. Some of the shining moments in WMC activities over the past two years include the opening of Pravasi Service Centre and our global headquarter in Trivandrum.

Mr. Issac John Pattaniparambil (Dubai)
Global Chairman.

We can also take credit for being instrumental in lobbying the Kerala government to set up an NRI Commission as the one-point centre to resolve the problems and grievances of NRKs. We have also championed various other causes including New Technology Initiatives for our state, throwing our weight behind projects like Vishwa Malayala Sammelanam. We have also gained accreditation with NORKA.

Under a pragmatic new leadership, our nation — the world’s largest democracy and the third largest economic power in purchasing power parity — now looks set for a tectonic transformation as an economic and political power house. India is definitely on a rebound. Irrespective of all political or ideological affiliations, let’s not hesitate to join the bandwagon in this challenging journey.

At this defining hour, as a vibrant community with a proven track record for consistently and tirelessly contributing to our state’s progress, global Malayalees have to a play a bigger Pan-India role in facilitating our nation’s irreversible and inexorable journey to regain its pre-colonial status as a global economic power.

Friends, India’s new tryst with destiny is almost imminent. It is set for a bigger role in global financial and security architecture. And as Indians, we have to be prepared to add momentum to this process of change. It is time, we have to see the big picture, the Macro India, rather than focusing only on our beloved state. We are Indians first and Keralites second. Let’s leave no stones unturned in making the dream of a powerful and prosperous India a reality for our future generations. For that, we have to act. And act now!

Malayalee Diaspora enjoys the distinction as one of the most adventurous entrepreneurs and job-seekers on this planet. For quite a long time they have been making their imprint across the world in myriad roles and capacities even as they zealously retain their identity and priceless tradition. Inspiring success stories of hard working Malayalees across the six continents are galore. Their ardent patriotic spirit, love for India as well as their very own “God’s Own Country” is no less exemplary and need no new testimony.
World Malayalee Council, the quintessentially symbolic representative body of this resourceful Diaspora, is proud of this remarkable community legacy and believes that as a grouping of Indians fired by an ardent love for motherland , we are irrevocably destined to play a more effective and pro-active role in reinventing India as the next global economic superpower. Let’s make it happen.
I look forward to seeing you at the global convention in Dubai. It will be a landmark confluence of our members from across the globe as our organization will be marking its 25th anniversary.

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