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Dear Friends, Ladies & Gentlemen,

The World Malayalee Council has come a long way from the time it was first established in 1995.I am proud to say that we  have grown to greater heights for the last 25 years, not only in prominence as a global network of malayalees but also as an organization capable of addressing various issues and challenges of malayalees worldwide. It is the commitment of selfless honest service on the part of our honourable members who made the difference, thus becoming role models for other organizations.

As we celebrate the 25th anniversary of World Malayalee Council, the largest malayalee diaspora across the globe have elected the new global leadership team for the year 2021-2023. I have great expectations from this vibrant team chosen from different parts of the world to fulfill the vision and mission from eminent personalities including T.N Sheshan, Dr.George Sudarshan, K.P.P Nambiar, Dr.Babu Paul and many more.We made sure through our transparent talent hunt that our selected team members have proven track records of success stories.This team will ensure that WMC will be a platform for malayalees to showcase their talents, skills, business ideas, sports activities, cultural values and to unite a strong ethnic force, proud of their culture and roots.
Though we are in the midst of the 2nd Covid-19 wave we remember 2020 as a year of great change and strength for us. We removed obstacles, found new ways to connect, and embraced new approaches to service, such as online projects by virtual meetings through successful global networking. It is time for us to do things collectively even by sitting at home through social media platforms.

The past 2 years, WMC Women’s forum and the WMC Youth wing have grown into strong units. We managed to promote the aspirations of  passionate youth helping them to develop their creativity and skills & encouraging them to work hard to become future leaders of tomorrow. Though this goal was set to be achieved by 2016, we have managed to fulfill only reacently. The innovative WMC Youth One Fest held last year was a huge success with more than 10,000 participants. We will make sure to continue this success story every year on Kerala Piravi Day by ensuring full support from the global team so that they can strive for excellence in all their future endeavors.
The WMC Women’s forum leadership have empowered malayalee women to become more bold and active socially. They are successfully showcasing their talents and skills while maintaining the malayalee culture,which has made a vast difference to  malayalee communities worldwide.

The ongoing projects such as WMC Thomas Mash Sports Academy, The Global Green Village,WMC News on Jeevan TV, WMV (World Malayalee Voice) an online newspaper, Malayalam Language Promotion and Environment and Human Rights Protection are in progress. I have a dream for WMC to reach 100 provinces & to have our own office and the name WMC to be registered as an NGO organization in the United Nations. I am optimistic that all these projects and initiatives will achieve its set objectives on time with everybodys cooperation & support.

In order to tackle the burning issues we are facing theses days, we have come up with new forums such as Health Nutrition for Underprivileged & Pandemic Medical supports, Rural Health, Newgen Technology Startup, Pravasi Conclave NRK/NRI, OCI Issues Redressal, Immigration and Labour, Pravasi Returnees Welfare & Property Protection, Education/ Art&Culture, Charity Forum, Travel & Tourism and Blue Revolution .Those who are willing to contribute with their suggestions and recommendations can contact the chairpersons directly, each member of WMC should have a feeling “I have a space, I have a voice!”

I am confident that all WMC leaders will make themselves  available to guide and steer the organization with an emotional bonding through these difficult times.

Let us make our networking efforts more meaningful and do our best to unite all malayalees across the world cohesively.
“United we stand, divided we fall!”

With Best Wishes!
Johny Kuruvilla
Global Chairman
World Malayalee Council

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