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World Malayalee Council works towards an international brotherhood of Malayalees / people of Kerala origin to bolster their cultural, artistic and social uniqueness and give resilience and understanding towards other cultures with which they have to co-exist and interact. World Malayalee Council, the organisation working with the Malayalee diaspora across the Globe. The Malayalee (Malayalam: മലയാളി) are an ethno-linguistic group native to the South Indian state of Kerala and the UnionTerritory of Lakshadweep and have the Malayalam language as their mother tongue.The Malayali community in India has a history of immigrants to the region from various parts of the world, as well as a unique sub-culture owing to the tropical environment of the state.

Our Objective

Strive to connect and unite visionaries, innovators, and professionals by networking through which valuable information can be shared to groom future business leaders.
Promoting growth and prosperity by providing comprehensive guidance on the scale-up best practices, exploring new ideas and opportunities, growing local, go global (International trade)…

Create a thriving ecosystem that fosters collaboration, innovation and success for all members.

Building a platform to connect B2B, share their journeys, and inspire the aspiring.

Provide a comprehensive platform and use of emerging technologies and best practices that enable business to scale.

Organise workshops, courses, and team-building exercises to facilitate growth and development.

We aim to build a strong bridge between the business ventures and malayalee community to ignite our dream on future generation.

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  • World Malayalee Council ( Global Women’s Forum )
    • InaugurationJohny Kuruvila ( WMC Global Chairman )
    • Cheif Guest Thomas Mottakkal ( WMC Global President )
    • Date04-05-2024
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  • Leader Ship Team. Europe Region. 2024-2026
    • Europe RegionLeadership Team . 2024 -2026
    • ChairmanNajib Arcadia
    • PresidentRobin Jose
    • General SecretarySunil Joseph
    • Vice ChairmanSogi Alex
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  • വേൾഡ് മലയാളീ കൗൺസിൽ  ഭാരവാഹികൾ ചുമതലയേറ്റു .
    • ChairmanJohny Kuruvila
    • PresidentThomas Mottackal
    • Seceretary GeneralDinesh Nair
    • TreasurerShaji Mathew
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Chairmans MessageJohny Kuruvilla

Dear Friends, Ladies & Gentlemen,

The World Malayalee Council has come a long way from the time it was first established in 1995.I am proud to say that we have grown to greater heights for the last 25 years, not only in prominence as a global network of malayalees but also as an organization capable of addressing various issues and challenges of malayalees worldwide. It is the commitment of selfless honest service on the part of our honourable members who made the difference, thus becoming role models for other organizations. .

Presidents Message Thomas Mottackal

Dear Friends, Ladies & Gentlemen,
I have accepted the responsibility as Global President of the world’s largest networking organisation , WMC, recently in a spirit of exuberance and expectations !
However, the trauma prevails all over the world in the form of Covid – 19 is turning out to be most dangerous in it’s second volcanic wave , swallowing thousands of human lives every day from several lakhs of affected citizens , now particularly in India .


(WMC ) is a not -to-profit organization registered in Texas ,USA with the mission supporting global business and economic development and facilitating bilateral trade with Kerala, India and throughout the world where ever Keralites are living.

  • We Promote global trade and investment opportunities.
  • Values economic well-being of invested global regions
  • Promotes networking for global business community .
  • Provides business leadership and educational opportunities.


We write to invite you to be our Guest/ delegate at tfte WMC International Business Conclave & Award Night 2024

Event Date: July 29tft to August 1st, 2024

Venue: DoubCeTree by Hilton London Docklands River Side, United Kingdom Tfte celebration begin with the Inaugural Ceremony at 5 PM on Monday, July 29th and the tftree-day celebrations will culminate witft Business conference Award Ceremony and Local tour

Tfte second day of tfte event will include a series of Seminars, Workshops, Discussion/De6ate Forums, Cultural Programs and Performances featuring an array of prominent business  media experts, writers, celebrities political leaders from around the globe.

Your esteemed presence will definitely encourage and motivate tfw delegates and community leaders of Indian origin, living in this [and of opportunities, to excel and work witft even more commitment and dedication to project tfte voice of tfte community onto a wider global stage.

World Malayalee Council (WMC) was formed on July 3, 1995 in New Jersey to works towards promoting an international brotfterftood of Malaya[ee people of Kerala orgin, to bolster tfteir cultural ,artistic and social uniqueness and give resilience and understanding towards otfter cultures witft wfticft they interact

Please save tfte dates in your calendar to attend tfte event. Best Regards,

For Oryanisin.y Committee

Patron – International Business Conclave
Chairman – WMC Global Business Forum
Chairman – International Business Conclave
Secretary Business Council

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